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Hospital Health Insurance

Hospital insurance can be part of normal medical insurance policies, or it can be purchased as a separate policy. Normally, hospital insurance and hospital indemnity insurance offer the same coverage during a hospital stay. However, some companies require the patient to meet a certain deductible before they will make payments. But any policy can still provide a good portion of the overall hospital stay cost.

What Does Hospital Insurance Cover?

Most, if not all insurance companies have a maximum pay limit for their hospital insurance policies. These limitations can be categorized based on the cost of the room and board, surgical expenses, medications, nurse care and the overall time spent in the hospital. In comparison, hospital insurance can have separate limits for each type of coverage; therefore the patient can have to meet separate deductibles.

Three Things to Look for in Extended Hospital/Medical Coverage

  • Look for a combination policy that includes physicians or surgical expenses and that also includes the benefits for both surgical operations and doctors in-hospital visits.
  • Look for a major medical policy that covers a broad and substantial range for many types of medical expenses with hospital stays included.
  • Look for a combination hospital-physician-surgical coverage plus a supplemental for major medical procedures.

Things to Keep in Mind for Room and Board Benefits

  • An indemnity plan reimburses the actual room-and-board charge up to a specific maximum dollar amount per day for a hospital stay.
  • A service-type benefit will pay the full cost for a semi-private room-and-board charge.
  • It is important to always review your insurance information carefully before signing up for it.

While hospital coverage is not something people normally are worried about, it is important to make sure the policy has some type of coverage just in case.

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